LAI Lobby Government to recognise the contribution lighting can make in realising Ireland’s Climate Action Plan objectives

Paul O'Connor LAI Chairman

Paul O’Connor, LAI Chairman, Outlines how Lighting is critical to Renovation & Wave Success and how the Lighting Association Ireland is Lobbying the Government to recognise the impact lighting can have, not only on Saving Energy in Buildings but also the positive benefits it can have on the people who use them.

The EU’s Green Deal and Renovation Wave initiatives are excellent programmes and will undoubtedly inform and underpin the policies adopted by Ireland as we seek to reduce both our energy use and carbon emissions. For the most part though they focus primarily on heating, cooling and hot water generation. These are indeed major areas of concern, and ones that offer significant potential for savings.

However, lighting offers as much, if not more potential for energy saving and carbon reduction. Lighting impacts every aspect of modern-day living, be it homes, commercial, retail, hospitality, leisure and public buildings, not to mention outdoor lighting. Also, the pace of development is phenomenal with massive gains being made on a regular basis.

Lighting has a major contribution to make in realising the energy saving and carbon reduction objectives of the Climate Action Plan. It can also help Ireland meet its obligations in respect of Article 7 of the Energy Efficiency Directive.

Moreover, with wellbeing now also high on the agenda, especially in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic and changed work practices, it offers additional benefits. The non-visual effects of proper lighting levels are critical to good health, promoting sleep and even recovery from illness, in addition to increasing concentration and performance levels

We are currently faced with two crises – the decline of the environment and Covid-19. Lighting is unique in that it offers huge benefits in tackling both at the same time.

The Lighting Association are working very hard to encourage those in power to understand what we can do to realise the benefits of correct lighting on the wellbeing of the country as a whole. Read the attached document to learn more.

Download full document at LAI Submission Document re lighting, energy saving, carbon reduction and wellbeing