Have you registered for Triple E Approval with SEAI?

The Triple E register is a list of products approved as being energy efficient as approved by the SEAI.   Make sure the products you supply or use are on this register to ensure your projects meet requirements to obtain any grants under this scheme.SEAI

What is the Triple E register

The Triple E Products Register is a searchable list of energy efficient products. Products on this register all meet a minimum set of stringent energy efficiency criteria and typically will be of a best-in-class efficiency standard. As such, procuring against this register will provide you with the assurance that you are purchasing a product of very high efficiency.

Triple E sets minimum criteria that products are required to meet to be listed. For products, these criteria are regularly updated, and aim to ensure that only the top 10 – 15% most energy efficient products in any technology are listed.

Those products which are Triple E accredited, may come under the Accelerated Capital Allowance scheme, (ACA) This is a tax incentive scheme that promotes investment in Triple E registered equipment. Organisations can offset against their profits up to the value of their full investment in energy efficient products. The ACA scheme is open to companies, sole traders, and farmers in Ireland.  Click here for more information on this scheme.

For further information on how you can register your products for Triple E approval, just click here!